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Questo blog partecipa al Blog Action Day ( 15 ottobre 2010 )

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15336764]Quest’anno l’appuntamento è dedicato al tema dell ‘ACQUA.

Tema particolarmente importante e rilevante.
Qui in Italia anche per la concomitanza della  campagna referendaria : L’ACQUA E’ UN BENE DI TUTTI.
Blog Action Day è un evento annuale che si tiene ogni 15 ottobre, che unisce i blogger del mondo nella pubblicazione di circa lo stesso problema lo stesso giorno con lo scopo di suscitare una discussione globale e guida l’azione collettiva.
Dal sito di Blog Action

Last month we asked you what topic you wanted to write about for Blog Action Day 2010, and thousands of you responded. Dozens of issues received support, but one stood out above the others, gathering nearly one-third of the vote.

I am very excited to announce this issue as the topic for Blog Action Day 2010: Water.

Today we unveiled the Blog Action Day 2010 site, and aim to make this year’s event the largest single day of action on the web in 2010 . Click here to check out the new site and register for Blog Action Day 2010, held on October 15th.

You don’t need to be a water expert to participate – you just have to be interested in joining thousands of other bloggers from more than 100 countries in collectively raising awareness of one of the most important issues facing our world.

After all, clean water is essential for our survival, but dangerously scarce. Nearly one billion people in the world today don’t have access to clean water and 42,000 people die each week from water-borne diseases. And the issue doesn’t stop there – water availability impacts a wide variety of issues from the environment to women’s rights and from technology to fashion. If you’re unsure what to write about on October 15th, check out our list of water post suggestions to get started.

Last year, Blog Action Day included influential voices ranging frm the White House to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This year, we’re looking forward to an even larger group of influential voices, from celebrities to politicians, to help widen the scope of our conversation.

But we need your help to get the momentum going. Register today and help kick-off Blog Action Day 2010!


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